S>LVL 180 Stuff,talismans,bindrunes,cars,castle gear,etc.

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S>LVL 180 Stuff,talismans,bindrunes,cars,castle gear,etc.

Post by flamethro195 on Wed Aug 15, 2007 2:29 pm

S>Lvl. 180 Warlord Spear+3 490 AP,Lvl 100 Legend Bloody Hook Knuckle+5 407 AP with +14 dex,(24x) 6th grade bindrunes,(10x) 6th grade talisman,(8x) 8th grade talisman,Emerald Grade 2(E2),(2x) Dural Engine[For Cars],(8x) Fornef Engines[For Castle Gear].My IGN is Soul. Leave your IGN and and the item you want with offer for it.Razz

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