New LEVEL 230 Weapons

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Re: New LEVEL 230 Weapons

Post by Lady_Akisha on Tue Dec 04, 2007 1:46 pm

These f*cking 7Hearts reps are desperately promoting their server here through this dirty claiming thing. Maybe they need all the votes they need coz they are envy that we're making it to the top.




Who would believe these fools? Sila nga tong nagclaclaim ng hindi kanila kasi Gravity ang may gawa ng lahat ng yun and yet they are saying that those things are THEIRS. Hahahaha.

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Re: New LEVEL 230 Weapons

Post by Royal Chief™ on Tue Dec 04, 2007 4:29 pm

maybe they thought other private server are dumb enough not to discover those things in the client.. that "exclusive for 7hearts" word just gives me the creeps.. eeww..

wahaha!!! at last!! i recovered my password!!! waaaaaaaa weeee!!..

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Re: New LEVEL 230 Weapons

Post by criminalmind on Tue Dec 04, 2007 5:21 pm

Shocked my gulo ba... Rolling Eyes

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Re: New LEVEL 230 Weapons

Post by jb0001 on Tue Dec 04, 2007 9:27 pm

oh well now you 7h reps...
our admin just showed that your admin and developers are the real copiers... hahah what a PITY your admin even sold his reputation here hahahaha poor ADMIN GLOV...

so you said we want to recolor it and name it ours? but your admin did far so smaller than the word recolor... he used only RENAMING!! oh my... and now you were talking as if your admin and dev team were great! hahahah oh c'mon 7h donators... talk to YOUR hand you fools! haha...

your poor admin wants to take over a server because we really overthrown you at gtop100... THAT'S THE MAIN REASON hahaha!!!

ms glov... sorry but you absolutely don't deserve respect...
the way you stormed our forums along with your donators showed that you fooled your players... HOW LAME!!
and you 7h donators, you have some guts to attack us but you were ignorant of the fact that your admin just keep on copying stuff from the iROSE client and rename them waahaha

The next time you will advertise YOUR poor server thru flaming other's forums guys... think more than twice... and make sure you are telling the truth, huh! so that they will be successful attempts Very Happy that is, IF you can find a server dumber than yours Very Happy peace out 7h donators...

@criminalmind wla poh heeeheee mga abnoy na tga 7h lang papampam wla kasi terrorist sa server nla kya nanggugulo Very Happy
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Re: New LEVEL 230 Weapons

Post by glov on Wed Dec 05, 2007 1:38 pm

Terr0risT™ wrote:I am glad that you are now accepting that you really DID NOT create those weapons. At first you were really so mad you were all saying those items were designed "exclusively" for 7hearts.

Do I really have to post an evidence that those items came from naROSE client before you accept they were NOT your designs?

And about the wings and cape.. Did I say in my TOPIC TITLE New level 230 weapons/wings/cape? No... all I said was New "Level 230 Weapons" because this is supposed to be a thread for the new weapons I am going to introduce to my players..

If you're mad because it's level 230, fine! I'll make it level 235.

I suggest you start telling your members, or those who play in your server that those weapons are NOT really your designs. Maybe they all think your DEV team really created it. And when they see those weapons here, they'd think we stole it from you. Because the way they posted sh*t in my forums, it looks like they are not aware and thought those are exclusive 7hearts items.

hallo wrote:You guys didn't even mentioned that those items are from 7Hearts.
You want to take credit for something was never yours? OMG! Is this a desperate way to advertise your server? Or is it something you guys always do..

Not all of these items are from the Na Rose client or any monster. The wings in the first image, the cigar, and the mantle which you labeled "More Surprises..." were made exclusively for Seven Hearts by Seven Hearts devs. I modeled and textured the wings and the mantle, fugiisland did the cigar.

The weapons that are in the Na Rose client, weren't taken from there to make these images. They were taken from Seven Hearts. That much is obvious from the names ("Bloom Wand", "Lunar Sickle", and so on. ), descriptions ("A rose shaped wand said to be stolen by Elves from the Goddess Arua herself.") and icons, which were made by another one of our content developers, Naruto. You won't find any of those in any other client and they are all work that originated at Seven Hearts.

What I dislike is that you used the Seven Hearts client but didn't mention it. I wouldn't want anyone to come here thinking that custom 7H models, and the ones made by Gravity, with descriptions, stats and icons from 7H developers, were made by someone on your team. You also make some claims that I really doubt. I doubt you know how to turn Alphonso's vest into a piece of equipment ( your example ). I also doubt you know how to add items on your own. Viewing the 3d model is one thing, but turning it into a weapon is more work. Most of those models, although they are in the client, don't work as a weapon, or piece of equipment, without positioning and resizing.

Some of the replies from the 7H community were unwarranted, I apologize for that on their behalf, but I would like to see more honesty about where these items came from and what your staff is capable of.

If these images are just examples of what someone can do with the right tools and some creativity, great. However you should remove the 7H exclusives and take some screenshots of items that you have worked on. The truth is you haven't shown even one item that was created on FreeROSE by FreeROSE staff.

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Re: New LEVEL 230 Weapons

Post by Terr0risT™ on Wed Dec 05, 2007 4:08 pm

It's good that I have you speaking. First of all, the client I used to take screenshots of those weapons was never taken from your site. So don't assume I got it from you. If you're familiar with PVP Rose, you might want to get a copy of their client cuz that's where I downloaded the client from. You know my IP and you can check if I logged in to your site or your forums. We are still working on this project. I haven't released any modded client yet to my players until we're done with the weapons.

Most of the replies from your people were unwarranted, off the scale, and offensive. On one my previous post to this thread, I clearly stated that we are not going to use those that we did not design. I also added that I just had to present some screenies to give my players an idea of what is the TOPIC TITLE all about. I guess it was just so hard for you people to understand that we're talking about new weapons. And they come here and post like mad bitches telling us that those items were "exlusively" created for you.

Don't worry Glov. What's yours will always remain yours. We know how to respect that. It would've been better if it was just you who posted things here so we can clear this one out. And not the players of your server. They posted offensive/foul language and ranted like crazy.

Had I not replied and showed everyone that those items are already inside the official client, you guys would've never accepted that you didn't created them. All you say are "those item are ours", "those were exclusively designed for 7h".. "blah blah blah.."

glov wrote:If these images are just examples of what someone can do with the right tools and some creativity, great.
This is precisely what i'm trying to do here. And again, I clearly stated my intention on my previous posts. That these are just example of things we can do, and we will not use their files as they are not our own creations.

Perhaps you've already seen this post on the 2nd page.
Terr0risT™ wrote:Like I said, these are just examples of what's
going to happen. We will not "technically" use the the files you
suggested as those are not our own creations. I just had to show those
pictures so everyone knows what I'm doing and what to expect when we
release a customized "FreeROSE" client.

Try to look at your first post..
glov wrote:I'm sure there are "lots of talents" here in
FreeROSE, however you didn't make any of those items. Show some respect
to the original creators, who didn't work their asses off to give you a
free ride or increase the publicity of your server.

It is clear that you're trying to claim you designed all those. Where you thinking that we didn't know it's already inside the official client? That's one SHAME on you.

glov wrote:If you wan't to show people what's really possible then point them to the source of all the hard work behind these items.

If you have no problem admitting they aren't created by you then you
should also have no problem directing your players to better
screenshots of the originals.

This is where it really gets amazing. You try to claim all of those items were your designs, and then you want to advertise your server by posting your forum address. 2 shames on you.

And then you quoted me and said..
glov wrote:How is this supposed to be an example of what's possible at FreeROSE, when none of these items were created by you?

So all of these items are your creations now? Nice try Glov... nice try.

Since the time I posted the painful evidence that those weapons were not yours, you started to cool down and diverted saying that you are only pointing out "some" items, and not everything.

Now you're just getting specific with the wings, and the cape and your cigar, blah blah. What, you're ashamed now? To still claim all those items were your designs? Glov, if it's true that you're already 57 years old, then I think you're already old enough and probably mature enough not to still make false claims. And you were so proud they were yours until I presented the facts.

Oh well...

Why didn't you send me a PM? or email me? If you're civilized enough, you'd communicate with me like other admins from other servers. But I never received any emails or PMs from you. What you did was post your server's name in my forum. Giving me the reason to think you were just trying to desperately advertise your server even at the expense of your reputation. So, did you succeed?

I'm now going to close this topic. Enough of the flaming and arguments. Both admins of the FreeROSE and 7H have already spoken. It ends now.




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Re: New LEVEL 230 Weapons

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