FreeROSE Status :: February 11, 2008

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FreeROSE Status :: February 11, 2008

Post by Terr0risT™ on Mon Feb 11, 2008 4:01 pm

I have finally spoken with GM Sunstorm yesterday, and at last I understood what happened to our internet connection. The line was cut. We checked it against his latest billing and we have a good reason to think PLDT mistakenly disconnected the line. For this, we have yet to visit their main office and complain about the bad service we are getting.

First off, everyone with a phone line knows NO ONE gets disconnected on a 1-month unpaid balance. It's suppose to reach 3 months before they finally take out your line. He hasn't been able to pay his January due yet, and because of that, PLDT cut the line on February 5. Which is an absolute shit!

If anyone of you (my players) know of anyone working in PLDT, or has got some relatives who can help us amplify this complaint, you may need this information:

Telephone Number: (062) 993 - 1560
Account Number: 0173513801
Account Name: Bersharif Mansul
Address: Campaner Drive, Zamboanga City

Our Unpaid Balance: 5,530.61 (One month balance)

That's it, they cut the line.. We'll settle that amount anytime today but we shouldn't have been disconnected with a one-month's worth of unpaid shit. Not to mention the very slow, intermittent and unreliable connection they offer. Oh well, that's just my two cents. Let's just talk about the server.

FreeROSE is all good, 95% of the updates are ready for download, and everything's perfectly fine.. except for, well.. we can't connect. If I could just set up a nationwide LAN, where cables go straight to your homes from my PC, we may not need of any internet connection then.

For now, I will limit everyone's priviledge to this forum to "READING" only. You may not post, or reply to a topic until I bring FreeROSE back online.

If anyone of you needs to contact me, my mobile number is 0906 540 4239.

If you would like to ask "WHEN" can you play again.. well, just hope for the best. If you ask me, I'd like it today.. or the soonest time possible.




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